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What is Calcium Toxicity and Hypercalcemia?


One of the most common misconceptions regarding bones is that they are made up of calcium alone. This is, however, as far from the truth as it can be. Bones, in addition to calcium, are made up …Read More

The use of Menthol to Relieve Pain


Menthol is a world famous compound that is found in a plant generally classified or known as the peppermint or mint plant, and is present all over the world. When we talk specifically about menthol, it is extracted in the crystallized form. …Read More

Benefits of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for Joint Pain…


Joints are important in providing support for the whole human body and for various kinds of movement. Any kind of damage, injury or disease of the joint causes a lot of pain. The number one joint that people complain about is the knees …Read More

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Vitamin E


Vitamin E is a natural fat-soluble antioxidant. Its roles in the body include preventing damage to cell membranes and protection from LDL cholesterol. Among the other functions of Vitamin E in the body is to …Read More

Healthy Back and Jesse Cannone

Methods to Help Relieve Back Pain


The Healthy Back Institute offers a full range of self-treatment options including their flagship product, LivingWell's Heal-n-Soothe. This system offers the ability to have natural healing without side effects, unlike popular over-the-counter and prescription drugs. …Read More

Healthy Back Institute and Jesse Cannone

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