Heal-n-Soothe Natural Sleep Aid Reviews

Heal-n-Soothe Reviews

Already Hooked On This Great Product ~ Dick E.

Received Heal N Soothe on a trial basis and have found it to be exceptionally helpful for my LGS. I do not take it as directed, however. I just take two or three in the morning along with some Betaine HC and it helps me throughout the day. I am extremely grateful as my discomfort was getting to be debilitating. ~ SMills

I want to read all the positive reviews you have on heal and soothe I am having great results after only one month. ~ Pam

This review is long overdue! In early spring my big toe started to hurt and reminded me 24/7 that it hurt. Took pain killers and iced down my toe to deal with the discomforted that kept coming back. On a visit to my chiropractor, I asked him to look at my toe. He just said I have arthritis. Then my plan of attack led me to read about my problem and knowing gout was in my family, I figured I had gout. After reading about the five worst foods to eat for gout by Jesse it changed my life! I started by stopping red meat, processed food and sugar. Which changed my life. To make a long story short, I then ordered my free bottle of Heal-n-soothe. Lost 12lbs in six weeks and proceeded to take 3 caps a day like the label says and then changed my life without seeing a medical doctor. I recently read some reviews bad mouthing Jesse and Heal-n-soothe from people who didn't take his advice and make life changes that include Heal-n-soothe! It's now almost Christmas and I've been able to do things that I thought were only in my past life. It takes courage and positive attitude not just 3 pills a day or more but life changes that will change your LIFE. My gout episodes have completely subsided and the swelling joint in my toe is almost completely gone. Thank You Jesse! ~ John, Dec 2020


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